Plastic tube extrusion

We produce a wide range of pipes by plastic extrusion, to strict specifications in terms of diameters and hardness.

The extrusion process enables us to manufacture long PVC pipes and tubes with perfect regularity. On request, we use appropriate colors in the process to match an industrial or technical design on the pipe.

Extruded tubes are used for sheathing electrical cables or for transporting fluids or gases.

We offer the following products in plastic design and extrusion:

  • Transparent tubing for transporting gases and fluids, used in chemistry, industry, healthcare, etc.
  • PVC pipe for transporting food or industrial fluids

We produce tubes and pipes in the diameter of your choice. All manufacturing is carried out in France, in our workshop in Ambert (63).

Our team of specialists in plastics processing is at your disposal to help you realize your project.

Other extruded products