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injection plastique
injection plastique
injection plastique
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Plastic injection molding

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Atiplast is a French specialist in plastic injection, recognized for its expertise in the serial production of technical parts for industry (from a hundred copies).

Plastic injection is based on the use of thermoformable materials. Introduce under form of granulated, plastic material is melted by heat, then injected into a mold in aluminum, where it is pressed and finally ejected by pressure in a loading bin.

Injection moulding offers a number of advantages: short production times, excellent repeatability, solid plastic parts with excellent surface quality.

Our automated plastic injection presses enable us to manufacture parts of complex shape and variable thickness, from a custom mold in stainless steel or aluminum. We also have a 3D plastic printing unit for prototyping and designing molded parts.

Plastic injection
plastic injection molding for the automotive industry
Bi-material injection
Bi-material injection

Plastic injection is carried out in-house or as an industrial subcontractor, using materials such as recycled or biosourced plastic, POM (polyoxymethylene), PA (polyamide), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride)…

Thanks to injection molding, we manufacture a wide range of customized plastic parts, such as end caps, stops, hooks and buckle accessories, mainly for the automotive sector. We also manufacture all types of technical parts, including small micro-injection parts.

The plastic injection also allows a logo or mark, to personalize the piece and integrate it into a textile project or accessory fashion realization. Marking can also be applied to an acronym or technical information.

The use of colorants in thermoplastics is another method for creating custom injection-molded plastic parts in a variety of colors.

We can also produce bi-material or bi-injection parts, combining the properties of different plastics (hardness, flexibility, resistance, etc.) to suit specific technical projects.