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Security plastic overmolding

Security plastic overmolding

Plastic safety overmolding plays an important role in the plastic buckle industry. Specialists in strap overmolding, we install clip buckles, cam buckles and safety buckles in our production workshop in France, located in the industrial zone of Ambert (63).

Plastic injection molding enables us to manufacture technical parts ready for use, with great precision, from small to large production runs, and without damaging the webbing. This molding technique is used for luggage (backpacks) and safety (harnesses and safety straps)…

Plastic buckle parts must be highly resistant to impact and the elements, and comply with strict specifications. We use high-performance thermoplastics for overmolding, such as nylon or POM acetal.

Technical parts are generally black, but the plastics industry also allows other colors by modifying the mixture injected into the mold.It is also possible to personalize the plastic part with a logo or brand name during the molding process.

We carry out overmolding on straps supplied by our customers or manufactured by Promotress, a textile braiding specialist and member of the Gauthier Group.

Our injection molding and plastics processing specialists will be happy to show you our products and manufacturing options.