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Injection plastique pour l'automobile

Plastic injection for automotive

Hooks, noise buffers, plugs, fittings… Vehicles contain many small technical parts made of high-strength plastic. Thanks to thermoplastic injection molding, these parts can be mass-produced with high precision, perfect repeatability and impeccable quality.

As a supplier to major automotive suppliers and experts in plastics processing, we manufacture all types of plastic parts, including small parts (less than 9cm3) by micro-injection.

For plastic injection, we use suitable materials such as polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA) and polyoxymethylene (POM), available in various colors. During the molding process, it is possible to engrave a logo or technical reference on the part. We also specialize in automotive plastic overmolding, on straps and cords.

We offer plastic injection directly or as an industrial subcontractor, from our production workshop in Ambert (63). Contact us to find out about all the possibilities for manufacturing parts for the automotive market.

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