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  pour leurs compétences techniques et innovantes  et la diversité de leurs produits.

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The overmoulding consists either in realizing a molding on a product or in injecting some plastic on a textile or other insert.

Injection presses form 15 to 80 tons

Automatised overmoulding workstation for tips on elastic and rigid braids.

For your developments we share our know-how.
Together we design moulded parts answering at best to your needs, from the prototype to the finished product, from small series to industrial production
Automatisation de process

Our product quality has always been, and will always be, a main concern. The quality policy of the company is structured around products and service.

Our control equipments allow us to numerous tests such as tensile strength, extension, breaking point...

The obtention of ISO 9001 by VERITAS reflects a continuous improvement in terms of Quality, Cost and Time.